• Where the KAFD is located? How big is it?
    This huge project is erected on a parcel (1.6 million square meters area) owned by the Public Pension Agency (PPA), along King Fahad Road, north of Riyadh. The project is made up of two separate parts, the first is the Central Island, divided to 5 areas (beset by three main highways: King Fahad Road, the Northern Ring Road, and al-Thumamah Road). Whereas the second part is the Utilities and Services Area (Area no. 6), north of al-Thumamah Road. The two parts are connected to each other through a bridge over al-Thumamah Road.
  • What is the purpose behind establishing the KAFD?
    The KAFD has been established with the aim of diversifying the investment activities of the Public Pension Agency (PPA), by establishing unconventional strategic projects meant to promote the development of the PPA, and reinforce its financial situation with investment revenues adequate to fulfill its commitments towards civil and military retirees. In addition, the project is an attempt to keep pace with the Kingdom's developmental projects, support the national economy, create jobs, and train the Saudi youth on the financial domains; given the project is a significant financial and investment hub at the regional level.
  • Who owns and manages the KAFD?
    The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is one of the most important projects entirely owned by the Public Pension Agency (PPA), which carries out its construction through its investment arm (Al-Raidah Investment Company); with the exception of the CMA Tower, Tadawul Tower and Samba Group Tower.
  • What are the outstanding bodies and authorities to be based in KAFD?
    The KAFD includes the headquarter of the Capital Market Authority (CMA), the Financial Market (Tadawul), in addition to a financial academy, and the premises of numerous banks, companies and other financial institutions, alongside financial services companies and other multinational corporations. That is to be added to three five-star hotels operated by a constellation of the world's high-profile companies in this domain, namely: Wyndham Hotels and Resorts Co., Intercontinental Co., and Indigo Intercontinental Co.
  • What are the standards adopted in designing the KAFD?
    The KAFD has been established with the world's latest standards, and highest infrastructure specifications. Unique architectural styles have been adopted in implementing the towers and buildings; which adds much to the District's architectural beauty. That is to be added to its substantial role in the national economy, the economic development, and the vigorous momentum the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnesses in all walks of life.
  • Are there areas dedicated for public commercial and office investment?
    The KAFD contains a number of high-rise buildings and towers, most of which are versatile (for mixed use), to serve as office, commercial and residential buildings. Large areas are designed to be offices, with the state-of-the-art furniture and equipment. That is to be added to residential buildings, making up about 21% of the project buildings.
  • Is it possible to rent apartments, offices or shops in the KAFD?
    Companies or individuals willing to rent in the Project will have to contact the Marketing Team of al-Raidah Investment Company, who will enable them to view the areas and specifications of all the available buildings, as well as the capabilities, accessories and modern services; such that attract the investors searching for a good place, and elegant business environment.
  • Are there attractors and recreational utilities to be visited by citizens?
    The KAFD contains 13 attraction places elegantly designed, meant to serve as recreational and educational gathering places for the inhabitants and visitors of the district. They vary from museums to exhibitions, malls, conference centers and auditoriums; in addition to the Aquarium, the Conference Center, Built Environment Museum, the Earth's Climate Center, the Science Museum, the Relaxation Health Club, and the Interactive Children's Museum, along with the other educational and recreational facilities.
  • How tall is the KAFD's highest tower?
    There are a number of impressively high buildings in the KAFD, including the headquarter of the Capital Market Authority (CMA), which is the highest (385 meters height).
  • How movement through the District is likely to be, given its large area?
    Developers, in their quest for securing good means of transportation inside KAFD, have adopted an automatic train system; the train is a modern and stylish one, and meets all the requirements related to cleanliness of environment, reduction of noise, and concordance with the architectural surroundings. The railway is 3.6 kilometers length, divided to six stations. That is to be added to establishing shunt railways, longitudinal railways, 131 pillars for the skytrain, in addition to the main maintenance facility, with its eye-captivating engineering and architectural designs, aimed to maintain 12 train carriages that are completely automatically run (without need to drivers).
  • Are there public parks in the KAFD? How many?
    Each of the KAFD's buildings has four underground floors dedicated for parking. Also, a number of multi-storey parking buildings are being established. The total number of car parks in the KAFD is 61,472