• Hotels & Conference Center

    Hotels & Conference Center


    KAFD is going to embrace a group of elegant five-star hotels that go in line with the district's high standard. A number of the world's most eminent hotel companies have been ...
  • Mosques


    There are seven mosques distributed to the neighborhoods of KAFD, each of which is built with a distinct, fascinating design. One of these mosques has won the award of the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. 
    The ...
  • Attraction Zones

    Attraction Zones

    KAFD will contain a number of well-designed attraction zones, meant to serve as recreational and educational gathering places for the inhabitants and visitors of the district, whether they are children or adults. Activities ...
  • Mono-rail Train

    Mono-rail Train


    Developers, in their quest for securing good means of transportation inside KAFD, have adopted an automatic Mono-rail Skytrain system; the train is a modern and stylish one, and meets all the requirements related to cleanliness ...

  • Car parks

    Car parks


    Designers of the KAFD have paid close attention to providing an adequate number of car parks for the inhabitants, workers and visitors, as well as the expected large number of frequenters who would head for the district to perform ...

  • Footbridges



    ​All buildings connect with one another, at the first floor, with a large number of footbridges and inter-building sky walks, allowing employees and visitors to move through buildings quickly and easily. These walkways are air-conditioned, ...