The construction of KAFD goes through certain developmental phases, according to the project's general construction plan. Under this plan, the implementation of the project is divided into three main developmental phases, each of which accomplishes a certain proportion of the buildings, infrastructure and facilities. These phases can be shown as follows:
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  • Phase 1

    Phase 1

    a) Establishing buildings: by which is meant the buildings to be erected on 10 parcels. They are 15 office, residential and commercial towers, in addition to a five-star hotel and a mosque for the second region. Most of establishments ...

  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    ​(This stage will not affect the project operation and work commencement at banks and companies):
    a) Establishing the remaining buildings: to be erected on 30 parcels. They are 44 office, residential and commercial towers, ...

  • Phase 3

    Phase 3

    ( This phase is to be completed by 2014 covering the following works ):

    a) External roads and bridges (around KAFD): ...