Work on the construction of this giant project is proceeding by leaps and bounds; engineers, technicians and workers work day and night, 24 hours a day, in an endeavor to complete the construction according to the scheduled implementation phases, with which the main contractors of the project comply.
Following is a review of the proceedings of the project, and completion percentage in each of the implementation phases of the main groups:
  • Phase 1 buildings (PPA-10)

    Phase 1 buildings (PPA-10)

    Work is proceeding around the clock to complete the buildings of this phase (occupying a total of 592.555 square meters area). It covers 15 office, residential and commercial towers, in addition to a hotel and a mosque.
    These ...
  • Phase 2 buildings (PPA-30)

    Phase 2 buildings (PPA-30)

    The contractor (Saudi Binladen Group) has embarked on Phase 2 (design and implementation going in parallel). Contracts have been signed with 13 international design bureaus that have already commenced work on the designs. These buildings ...
  • Infrastructure


    The Canadian Tecsult/AECOM Co. has finished all the technical studies, architectural designs and implementation documents for the establishment of the KAFD infrastructure:
    1- Drilling ...
  • Mono Rail Skytrain

    Mono Rail Skytrain

    The railway is 3.6 kilometers length, divided to six stations covering the whole area of KAFD.
    As part of the project, shunt railways, longitudinal railways, and 131 pillars for the skytrain will be established, in addition ...
  • Electricity and Cooling Plants & Waste Disposal System

    Electricity and Cooling Plants & Waste Disposal System

    The central cooling system currently being implemented in KAFD is reckoned one of the world's best and most efficient air-conditioning systems. Air-conditioning of all KAFD buildings depend on two main central-cooling centers, with a total ...
  • Car Parking Buildings:

    Car Parking Buildings:

    Contracts have been signed with El Seif Engineering & Contracting Co.(design and implementation going in parallel) to establish 3 parking buildings in the KAFD Central Square.

    Collectively they accommodate a total of 2870 ...